Cloud 9 Tours: Experience the fun side of storm chasing!
Cloud 9 Tours was established in 1996 making us the oldest storm chase tour company in operation today.  We will escort you safely throughout Tornado Alley in search of spectacular storms while riding with some of the most qualified storm chasers around.
Expect to experience exciting phenomenon such as: tornadoes, supercells, hail, lightning, high winds and dust devils along with damage sites, magnificent scenery, extraordinary local attractions and much more!
At Cloud 9 Tours, we offer two week long tours to maximize your adventure!
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This is the last storm season for Cloud 9 Tours.

Thanking you all for joining us
  Charles is our Owner and Operator of Cloud 9 Tours established in 1996.  Charles studied Meteorology at Texas A&M and The University of Oklahoma.  When not chasing, Charles cares for his family and works for FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency).
  Semi-retired Fire Fighter from Maryland, USA.  John has been with Cloud 9 Tours since 1998.  He has led us into some of our greatest storms.  John has the ability to stay calm under pressure and always has a backup plan for any situation.
  Brian is a father, business owner, videographer and tornado enthusiast who joins our team bringing a great focus on the chase and one who thoroughly enjoys getting to know our guests.  Brian is always eager to pass along stories from under the meso and tips on storm chasing.  After watching an episode of "Angry Planet" on waterspouts and the launch of Discovery Channel's "Storm Chasers" back in 2007, Brian became intrigued by storms and all aspects of the chase.  In the off season, Brian educates students at local high schools about storm safety and tornadogenesis.
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