Cloud 9 Tours
Cloud 9 Tours

The fun side of storm chasing
Cloud 9 Tours allows you to safely travel around Tornado Alley in search of the most spectacular storms on Earth. Ride with some of the most experienced storm chasers around.

Cloud 9 Tours is the oldest storm chase tour in operation today. We offer two week storm chase vacations in the prime of storm season. You can ride along and be part of the chase.

Reserve your seat for the 2017 season before seats are gone

Charles EdwardsJohn Guyton
Charles Owner and operator of Cloud 9 Tours since 1996. Studied Meteorology at Texas A&M and The University of Oklahoma. John Guyton Retired fire fighter from Md. John has been with Cloud 9 Tours since 1998. He has led us into some of our greatest storms.
George Kourounis
George Kourounis World class adventurer. George travels the world seeing the most extreme. In the spring, he adds his expertise and fun wit to the tours.

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