Cloud 9 Tours: Experience the fun side of storm chasing!
Arrive in Oklahoma:
You are to arrive on Saturday for Tour #1 where we will meet you at the airport.  However, for Tours #2 and #3, we will most likely be out chasing with the previous tour, if we are not available to pick you up at the airport, please arrange a taxi to our hotel (Days Inn Norman, 2543 W Main St, Norman, OK 73069, United States - 1 405-360-1234) with Airport Express.  There are normally quite a few taxi cabs waiting for arrivals.  Taxi cost will be fully reimbursed.
What to Bring?
Please pack lightly.  We would suggest no more than 7 days' worth of comfortable clothing.  Bring a sweater or light jacket as we do encounter cooler weather.  Room in our vans are limited to one suitcase and one carry-on-bag per person.  This is needed since we will not maintain any long term accommodations.  We will be quite mobile in order to find the best storms and need to carry all luggage on each chase.
Still camera and a camcorder is suggested as well as headphones with a portable music device if you wish to listen to your own music especially during long distance journeys.
Where will we be Chasing?
We will travel to the best target area each day following a storm system as it moves east.  Our chase area is quite extensive ranging from The Mexican border to the Canadian border and from the Rockies to as far East as Indiana.  Most often chases will be in the southern plains, central plains, and the high plains.
What Kind of Vehicle do you use?
We traditionally travel using two 15-passenger vans and a single GMC Suburban.
How Many People go on Each Tour?
Typically the tours consist of 18 guests plus our 4 guides.
Is WiFi Available in the Vans?
Wifi is not available in the vans but mobile hotspots may be purchased.
Will We See a Tornado?
We cannot guarantee you will see a tornado.  Our tours are a full two weeks in length which maximizes our chances.  We will see spectacular storms which may include supercells, hail, wind storms, lightning and much more!
How Close Do We Get to a Tornado?
Our top priority is safety.  The distance from the storm is dependent on road network and the type of storm.  Generally, we watch tornados more than a mile or two away.  At times we have been within a few hundred yards from a developing tornado or one that is not moving in our direction.  Our expertise and weather radar allow us to get as close as possible to the storm safely.
What Happens on Days were there is no Severe Weather?
When no severe weather is in the forecast we will take you to the local attractions in the area and teach you the basics of storm chasing.  Also, often these days are spent travelling for the next day’s chase.
Video/Picture Rights:
You will retain all rights to any video and pictures you capture with Cloud 9 Tours.  Our permission is not required even if we appear in them.
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